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Coronavirus Update
Since we don't know when we will get into Phase 2, we will
require reservations to attend, as only 50 people can be in the building. 

If you plan on attending services, here are some things we ask:

                                1. Wear a mask. (We were debating it as a congregation; now it’s required by law.)
                                2. Keep your distance from people not living in your home.
                                3. Stay home if ill or your health is compromised.
                                4. Socialize outside in fresh air. (Tents will be set up.)

Some things will be very different. We will have a separate entrance and exit to the building. You will see hand sanitizer out and available for your use. The kitchen will be closed and the drinking fountain covered over. (Bring your own snacks and beverage if you want them.) Children will remain in the service at least for the first two weeks.
 (We will provide coloring books and crayons.)

We are still in the enviable position of having no one that we are aware of
 in our community with the virus. We want to work to keep it that way.
Aims Adventure Days Aims Adventure Days Aims Adventure Days
Friday, August 7  -  Friday August 28
Our Kids Klub leader, Kodai J. & Pastor Glenn are teaming up to lead Aims Adventure Days  for kids in 1st - 6th grade.
Adventure Days will be all day, from 9–4. The kids will meet in the morning at the church and go somewhere active and fun—a trail to a waterfall, an excellent park, a petting zoo (details still being arranged as our state and counties are in a bit of a process). They will eat sack lunches provided by parents. They will return to the church and play games, read stories, have a snack (pre-packaged), and do more structured sorts of things until the end of the day.